There's Tikka. You can tell which one's Tikka, by the way, that they see, that one looks slightly different.
Stampy introducing his new dog.

Biographical information
Cause of Death Burned by lava in Stampy's Creeper Coaster
Personal information
Love interest(s) Chicken (possibly)
Friends Chicken
Game information
First appearance Episode 14

Tikka was one of Stampy's older dogs in Stampy's Lovely World. Despite her name being a running gag while she was alive, Tikka is not very popular with the fanbase and was rarely mentioned by Stampy. She was the seventh dog to die overall.


To the greater extent, Tikka looks exactly like the default Minecraft dog. Tikka had light gray fur, a tan muzzle, and black eyes. Due to dying before the Xbox's update of collar dyeing, Tikka's collar was the default red.

Major Life EventsEdit

Due to Tikka not being an overly appreciated dog in Stampy's fanbase, there is very little to note of important occurances during Tikka's life.

One of Tikka's more famous appearances happened in Episode 42, one of HitTheTarget's first major invasions of Stampy's world. Tikka, along with Oreo and Lucky (both deceased), were taken with Stampy to help defeat HitTheTarget and stop him from causing any more trouble to the world. While this proved successful, it came with a major price - Lucky was burned to death by HitTheTarget's weapons, and HitTheTarget was sent to the Nether while he waited impatiently for his next chance to strike.

Some time later, Tikka was chosen by Stampy to accompany him on his first-ever test run of the completed Creeper Coaster Funland ride. As Stampy rides through the multiple attractions, Tikka has difficulty keeping up, even with teleportation skills. Stampy is quickly taken to the most dangerous part of the ride - a small uncovered pit of lava, which Tikka subsequently teleports into. Stampy frantically panics, but is unable to stop the ride and help Tikka. As a result of his carelessness, Tikka burns quickly and dies.


  • Tikka was named by both Stampy and Melanie Candy as a joke to curry.
  • Stampy commonly joked about the unintentional pairing of Tikka and Chicken's names.

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